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Hector Uribe, former Texas State Senator
Legislative Consultant

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Vice President

Rita Lopez Tice, Owner, RLT Services

Laura Gerlich Flanagan, Law Office Case Manager

August 2, 2012

** To All Members of our Descendant Families. **

Over the course of several weeks, I have had the benefit of several in-depth discussions with various legal and legislative consultants, friends and members of The Land Grant Justice Association. The intent of these discussions has been to review, assess and to recommend the very best legislative strategy over the course of the next two Texas legislative sessions.

In doing so, several topics were significantly no particular order, they are: 1) the mission and goals of the Association, 2) the current unsettled political situation in Austin, 3) the legal/historical basis for future legislation, 4) lessons learned during our attempts with HB 2611 in the 82nd legislative session, 5) the on-going title abstract/document research project and its impact on our strategy and progress, and 6) the budgetary goals, costs and current shortfalls related to the Association’s operations.

On Thursday, July 19th I sent a letter (via email) to the officers and founding board members of our Association recommending that The Land Grant Justice Association adopt a temporary “inactive” status so as to allow more time to 1)assess the political and legislative climate, 2) determine a definitive legal basis for new legislation and, 3) so that there is a resolution to those matters that are impeding membership enrollment. 

A teleconference board meeting was held on Tuesday July 31st, and after an hour and forty-five minute discussion, a motion to have the Association go inactive was presented, voted on, and passed with three (3) dissenting votes. The officers and founding board members are comprised of eight (8) voting members, all of which are non-compensated volunteers.

In the near term, our purpose is to monitor and observe, to continue a comprehensive review and assessment, to discontinue the collection of membership contributions, and to create the best plan for legislative success not in this next 83rd legislative session, but in the following 84th. At an agreed-to-time, very likely in the July 2013 time frame, we would formally reconvene to assess and recommend a course of action for future operations.

This action is not intended to diminish the historical importance of this issue, nor is it intended to devalue that which is so very important to our families. At this point in time, it is prudently best to pause, to allow all relevant conditions to improve...and to allow them to define themselves so that we may have a better chance for legislative success in the future.

Please receive my heartfelt gratitude for your support, understanding and trust in this matter, and I pray that we all continue to stand united with God’s blessings as we go forward.

With kind personal regards,

Al Cisneros
The Land Grant Justice Association, Inc.

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TLGJA wishes to provide you with a means by which to be informed and to unite in a common goal. Simply put, the goal of TLGJA is to assist the State of Texas in its duty to accomplish historical justice through the passage of a bill titled the "Unclaimed Mineral Proceeds Act."

A major part of achieving this goal is the understanding that the enactment of this historic law would not cause the expenditure of any tax monies, either in administration or claims payment, because the entire expense would be paid by monies currently held by the Comptroller and remitted by the Oil Companies as unclaimed royalties.

...Paving the path to unclaimed mineral royalties

Mr. Al Cisneros

Our association will post periodic updates with developments that might affect the judicial, legislative or claims administration issues that are part of this initiative.

Admittedly, these are difficult times, and both our nation and the state of Texas face difficult budgetary and policy battles. Understanding the complexity of bill enactment and recognizing the number of legislative sessions that may be required is vital to all concerned. Our legislative consultant, Senator Uribe has often cautioned us about this reality, and we experienced that throughout the 82nd Legislative Session of 2011.

It is critically important for us, as Texans, to be able to file a valid claim for unclaimed mineral royalties that we may be entitled responsible citizens, the Land Grant Justice Association is committed to helping the state of Texas create a mechanism that will achieve that purpose.

Thanks again for your interest, please visit us for periodic updates.

With warm regards,
Al Cisneros


Thanks for visiting our website. Please receive my personal welcome and I encourage you to continue to be involved with this most important part of Texas history.

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